Seems kind of odd, doesn't it? Water damage to a chimney. You might think something as supposedly strong and stout as a chimney wouldn't need protection from water. But water is extremely powerful - just witness the Grand Canyon!

Your chimney is constantly exposed to weather - and often that appears as water in one form or another - usually rain or snow. Not only can water do serious damage in your house if it gets inside, it can literally break the chimney apart through the freeze - thaw cycle during winter weather.

Taking care of your chimney involves more than inside maintenance - it also means applying a top-quality, reasonably priced water repellent to the outside.

We use and recommend ChimneySaver Water Repellent to extend the life of your chimney and give you further peace of mind.
ChimneySaver doesn't plug the surface with solid acrylics or silicones, so the chimney can breathe, allowing water vapors produced inside to escape to the outside.  Plus, ChimneySaver can prevent the ugly stains you often see on brickwork - the result of mineral salts evaporating out of the bricks and mortar after water penetration.

Relining involves inserting a new central lining or flue inside an existing chimney. It is the most effective, affordable way to repair chimney damage or to upgrade an unlined, dangerous chimney to acceptable safety standards. The repair is completed quickly and with minimal expense compared to rebuilding the chimney from the ground up.
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